Roger Vivier Flat Thong Sandals – Sienna Miller

roger_vivier_flat_thong_sandals_sienna_miller_small_b.jpgShoebunny spotted Sienna Miller again in T-strap Roger Vivier flat “Lamu” thong sandals.Shoebunny’s back from a gorgeous trip to Paris, a city full of gorgeous designer shoe shops. The Roger Vivier store in Paris is located at 29, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France. The spring summer collection 2006 is presented on two floors. The show rooms are white with high ceilings full of stucco and old wooden parquet floor. A wonderful store with very friendly staff. The shoes are presented on narrow but high shelves, each shoe has it’s own little spotts and therefore comes to shine in all splendor.

Shoebunny took a close look to this wonderful shoe collection 2006 and found the tongue sandal Sienna is wearing in this post and which have been spotted on Sienna by Shoebunny some weeks ago. See another one of Sienna Miller in Roger Vivier flat thong sandals but with different clothing and without red nail polish. No matter what she puts on, Sienna is always an inspiration.

Sienna wears a Roger Vivier flip-flop sandal (thongs) called “Lamu”. This sandal has a plaited strap of different thin leather straps that merges with the ankle strap. The whole sandal is made of very soft washed leather, which explains why Sienna is wearing them so often. The thongs are available in natural colors like bronze, beige and chocolate. Roger Vivier offers a handbag that goes with these flat sandals and looks just as great as everything in this 2006 collection. All in all a very great sandal that does not only look good on Sienna’s feet.

Shoebunny spotted lovely Natalie Portman wearing black Roger Vivier sandals at the premiere of her new movie “V for Vendetta” in Berlin, Germany. You can get the same ones in exciting metallic pink.



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