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02gamezcla.jpgI 02ganatural.jpgonce walked into a coffee shop in Bretagne and having asked several questions I finally could ask why I could not find the same tasty Spanish coffee in France and else where. “It’s very simple,” the woman answered, “coffee in Spain is roasted with sugar.” I was so suprised (having lived in Spain for 23 years I had never been given this explanation) that I  couldn’t but continue asking questions and got thus the following explanation: that most of coffee is roasted without anything else than the bare bean and is than quite bitter or is not roasted at all and is little tasty, and Spaniards do usually combine so called ‘natural’ kind of roasting with a sugar roasted type and call it ‘mezcla’. If you thus buy coffee in Spain (I highly recommend Barcelona located ‘Marcilla’) you have to look whether it is ‘mezcla’ or ’natural’ in order to get the good one. ‘Natural’ does thus not mean that it is not roasted, on the contrary, it means ‘naturally’ roasted, without sugar. If you like it …

from: http://sonjakasten1.wordpress.com/2006/10/29/on-coffee/


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